For the Authors

Who might be the author

A prerequisite for the publication of an article in the International Journal of Arts and Media Researches is a paper read at the International Conference of Arts Researchers, which was presented on the priority topic of the corresponding year.

Terms of publication

The new research is published in the International Journal of Arts and Media Researches : the article should not be published elsewhere.

The author is responsible for the content of the article. The author is responsible for the article`s ethical side and scientific character.

The author must submit the article within the deadline in Georgian and in English following the standard given in the Publication Guideline; The author is obliged to observe the Journal`s citation style.

If you are publishing the article with us for the first time, you need to send us your photo and CV in Georgian and English (no more than 500 syllables, including spaces between words). Submission of this information is still required if you have already published an article with us, but your CV needs update.

The author should provide an e-mail address, which the author checks systematically and where the contact will not be delayed. If it is difficult or impossible to contact the author, the editors have the right to suspend or refuse to publish the article.

We kindly ask you to contact the journal`s editorial office for additional information.

Publication Guidelines

  • Text

Please use a standard word processing programme. Text without layout, no separation into sylla- bles, no grouped style.
Your text should be no longer than 16,500 characters, incl. blank spaces, footnotes and bibliog- raphy.
Please write the information in the following order:

    1. the name of the author, the last name, academic title, institution
    2. title of the paper
    3. short abstract (no longer than 200 characters)
    4. key words
    5. text
  • Footnotes

Always give shortened versions of the literature you are referring to, with key words from the title (complete titles should only be given in the bibliography).


1 Segal, Tragedy, 1999, p. 266.
2 TAUBERT, Farbige Skulpturen, 1978, p. 130.
3 Ibid., p. 132.

  • Bibliography

– in alphabetical order, at the end of the paper
– listing of archival documents and unpublished manuscripts (e.g. students’ papers): Ms, with exact indication of the archive
– please use the following order when naming titles for your bibliography: first name second name [in small capital] of the author or the editor (ed.), title, place and year of publication, page(s)


  • Charles SEGAL,  Tragedy and Civilization: An Interpretation of Sophocles. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press. 1999.
  • Neil LEVINE, The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Princeton, 1996.
  • Joseph Maria RITZ, Das Künstlerische und die Denkmalpflege, in:
    Deutsche Kunst und   Denkmalpflege, 1955, Heft 1, pp. 1-15.
  • llustrations

8 pictures maximum

Please make sure that all pictures are free of rights of third parties and may be published free of charge.

The following types of pictures are possible: jpg or tif files (high resolution, at least 300 dpi). References to illustrations should be found in the text [fig. xx]


    1. A scene from the play „Antigone”. Directed by: Mikheil Tumanishvili. Starring: Zinaida Kverenchkhiladze, Sergo Zakariadze. 1968.
    2. A scene from the movie „Namme”. Directed by: Zaza Khalvashi. 2017.
    3. Merab Abramishvili. Black Panther. 2006.
    4. View of Tbilisi. Photo by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky. 1910.

Please send complete picture credits and captions in an attachment (separate word-files), they are not included in the text size (see above).

  • Curriculum Vitae

Please also include:

  • a short CV in English of no more than 500 characters, incl. blank spaces
  • your photo

Prevention of Plagiarism

The editorial board of the International Journal of Arts and Media Researches recognizes the principles of academic honesty and ethics in the field of scientific and academic activities. The priority of the editorial board is the protection of intellectual property rights, the implementation of international scientific standards, and academic responsibility in accordance with rule of detecting, preventing, and responding to plagiarism of LEPL Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University.

The board will not publish the article in case of detecting plagiarism. The editors will report plagiarism to the author and the institution where the research was performed.

The editorial board keeps the right to remove an already published article from the online collection if the violation of copyright is revealed in the publication and/or other generally accepted norms of scientific ethics are infringed. The editors will report plagiarism to the author and the institution where the research was performed.

Please, send us the article to the following address:
Professor, Nato Gengiuri:
ტელ.: 577 94 70 03; 593 24 42 78.